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Our baseball/softball student-athletes work daily with the very best position-specific coaches and the performance coaches to develop essential mechanics, on-field skill sets, and athleticism that all high performing players in today’s baseball/softball world possess. All trainings are done in our professional-grade facilities utilizing the most advanced training equipment – allowing for more time for development and maximization of results.


Our development-focused program has distinct skills and goals that must be met to climb the “DNA Ladder” to the next level of development. This allows the program to get the most out of each individual as they master the foundational skillset at each level. Our industry-best coaches have created an exciting, fun, and challenging program that provides our student-athletes with the tools needed maximize growth and to excel in competition. All student-athletes not only learn the physical fundamentals but are taught to be a student of the game with advanced techniques and tactics built into the program.

The program’s multi-phased approach to student-athlete development includes individual evaluations, position-specific skill instruction and competition, making DNA Prep Academy a proven program for developing basketball players of all ability levels.

-Position-specific skill training

-Basketball IQ development

-Competition and open runs to test what has been learned


As the school’s first sports program, we pride ourselves in providing our student-athletes the very best coaching and developmental resources. We know what it takes to play football at high school and the collegiate level and under our training program our student-athletes leave bigger, stronger, faster, and as true students of the game.

-Position-specific skill training

-Football IQ development and Schematic understanding

-Competition, scrimmages, and 7-on-7 play


The soccer program is powered by the Juventus Academy of Los Angeles with a full-on soccer curriculum focused on the technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social aspects of the individual player. We believe that players need to enhance their technical skills and individual abilities so we monitor most of technical and physical skills and we create periodical reports for our players and families. We make that possible by training five days a week in the early morning during the school-hours. Our student-athletes continue with academic classes in the late morning and afternoon.

Track and Cross Country

Soon to be added Fall 2024.