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Our student-athletes receive top performance training from some of the very best performance coaches in the industry; they provide effective, safe and transparent human performance training to develop athletes to the peak of their potential. DNA enlists diverse experts to support youth, amateur and elite athletes with a full-circle approach that includes body, performance and cognitive training. They perform their trainings every morning before school begins, from 8:05-10:45am Mon-Thurs, and 8:05-9:05am Fridays.


Sports Specific Training
-Position and team sports specific training
-Learn the necessary physical skills for each sport
-Learn the mental skills needed for each sport
-Practice and apply these skills in drills and live action

Sports Performance
-All that is needed to become bigger, faster and stronger
-Strength & Conditioning
-Speed & Agility

Film Study
-Critique how you train & maximize your performance and results

Camps, Clinics, & Mindfulness
-Gaining the advantage of a strong mentality will make our student-athletes stronger
-Weekly & monthly group training clinics for each sport

Nutrition Outline
-The secret to achieving your performance goals
-Build your own meal plan from preselected options

Sports Medicine
-Physical assessment, prevention & correction is the key to long term athletic success
-Provided by DNA Sports Medicine


We provide our student-athletes with the most state-of-the-art training facilities

Athletic Society

Located across the street from our academic campus. Athletic Society provides our student-athletes with over 100,000 square feet of the most advanced performance training environments – including multiple fields, top-end speed track, basketball court, yoga rooms, pool, nutritional café, and sports medicine offices.

DNA Performance Facility

Located where the 405 meets the 101, DNA Performance has multiple performance training floors, a dedicated batting cage, a yoga room, a biomechanics lab, and a sports medicine office.


Being the most athletic and skilled player does not matter if the student-athlete is unable to stay healthy and on the field. That is why we have built into our trainings a robust sports medicine regimen. All DNA student-athletes receive our comprehensive physical assessment, and recovery and injury prevention program. Additionally, if there is an injury the student-athlete will be able to receive a consult with our sports medicine team to create a physical therapy plan to address the injury.