Flexible and customizable

Take Back Control of Your Student’s Academic and Athletic Development

Our online private school platform empowers families to control their child’s academic and athletic growth by deciding for themselves the speed and manner of the instruction and by having the ability to reclassify their child without having to justify this choice to their school or district – a required hurdle that is difficult to overcome at a public institution.

We know that each student-athlete developmental needs are unique, which is why our flexible program provides the tools and resources to help him/her grow into the best version of themself possible- academically, athletically, mentally, and emotionally.

Program features



Train, Learn and Recover in Elite Environments

Based out of Thousand Oaks, CA, Sports Academy is a 100,000 square-foot facility built to maximize student-athlete development. Our students learn in a technologically advanced learning center; train on the campus’ five basketball courts, five volleyball courts, two beach volleyball courts, turf field, world-class cognitive training lab, e-sports training ground, batting cages and pitching mounds, and a mondo sprint track; and recover and prevent injuries in our comprehensive sports medicine facility and a biomechanics lab.



Develop Your Mind and Your Body

Full-circle training is expert-driven, effective, safe and transparent human performance programs that include development strategies for the body, performance and the mind. We train athletes like pros, using human performance programs designed to develop athletes to reach their full potential.


Development Driven Curriculum

Our coaching staff is made up of the most respected, knowledgeable, and effective in each of their respective sports. Each sport’s director has created and will be implementing a training curriculum that is focused on maximizing skill and strategy development needed for the next level of play for our students.


Injury Prevention, Recovery and Nutrition Plan

Staying healthy and maintaining proper nutrition is a key to athletic success. Recognizing the importance of these training elements, we take a holistic approach to our students’ development. Our students have access to a full sports medicine department and biomechanical lab – where they will receive regular physical assessments, injury prevention & correction regimens, and recovery services- and a daily nutrition plan.


Development-Focused Scheduling To Maximize Results

We have implemented a training and learning schedule that will optimize results, provide families with flexibility that is unavailable in the traditional education space, and will allow for the highest level of COVID-19 safety standards to be implemented.

Daily Schedule:

8:00AM-10:30AM: Sport Specific and Performance Training (times vary per sport)

10:30AM-11:00AM: Cool Down, Change and/or see Physical Therapist

11:00AM-11:30PM: Lunch

11:30AM-3:30PM: Study Hall

Morning Trainings:

All COVID-19 compliant sports trainings will be facilitated during the morning hours. The flexibility of our program allows for this unique flipped schedule that traditional schools are unable to accommodate. The benefits to an AM training schedule are numerous: 1) it allows for our student-athletes to always train at highest level without having to hold anything back due to team games and practices later in the evening; 2) provides for a robust recovery regimen to be implemented after the body has time to completely cool down; 3) during the COVID-19 era families now have the flexibility to pick up their child from the afternoon learning center at their own timing – thus reducing exposure if a family is more comfortable with facilitating studies at home.

Afternoon Studies:

Student-athletes will be in our COVID-19 compliant learning centers in the afternoon, providing families with the flexibility of making their own safety choices and the added benefit of having a more focused student due to the morning training schedule.