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DNA Prep Academy Open House 2021

On April 24, 2021, we hosted our very first Open House on our brand-new campus! Families who visited our campus were able to take a series of school tours and experience our campus culture and trainings through the other activities held on the grounds. These activities included sports activations, live music, food, and so much more! For those who were unable to attend, we have created a digital folder below where you will find information about our curriculum, humanities partners, and photos of facility projects currently under development.

Open House Schedule

The humanities are essential as our society become more interdependent and diverse. DNA Prep Academy believes that the humanities should be incorporated into the curriculum as an enrichment to what is already being taught. Here is a summary of our humanities partners, each bringing unique features which enhance our programming as they focus on teaching life skills, character development, and self and community-awareness.

  • Disclosure Foundation’s Star Seed and Holistic Wellness Programs (Gr 1-8)
Language Arts

CKLA Program Overview

CKLA Caregiver Hub


K-5 Science Program Structure

TK-5 Science Review Site

Science Caregiver Hub

Social Studies