A Customizable Learning Environment For Committed Student-Athletes and Artists

Safe Environment

Policies mirror all recommendations from CDC and health offices. Daily health testing and monitoring. Social distancing: classes and trainings with less than 12 people.

Virtual Learning

Two daily virtual tutoring sessions covering all core classes. Stop learning and athletic losses with seamless transition to home quarantining with virtual curriculum, tutoring, and athletic trainings.


Flexible learning and training environment. Elite training program customized to meet all safety standards.

iDNA Academy is a student-athlete development program designed with the flexibility needed to maximize results while nimbly and safely navigating the rapidly changing COVID-19 safety standards. All students will be provided with a safe, supervised and most up to date COVID-compliant on-campus learning environment. All iDNA students’ independent studies will be monitored and administered in block time periods to allow the creation of small classroom groups (“Quaranteams”) that provides the flexibility needed to safely administer both academic and athletic development. All students who are Quaranteamed together will receive twice-daily tutoring sessions on the subject matter that they are blocked off with that day and small group training sessions.

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